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Leaky Bladder and Urine Leakage

By February 4, 2017November 1st, 2021No Comments1 min read

Take into account your quality of life. Is your leaky bladder preventing you from participating in activities with your family or friends? Are you always in search of the nearest restroom whenever you’re out in public? Do you have to carry extra clothing with you? Do you leak urine during sexual intercourse? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may have urinary incontinence. Fortunately, there is hope for you. Imagine leading a life without a leaky bladder. You are now free to go out dancing or sign up for your favorite exercise class. You can even do jumping jacks or jump on a trampoline without worry. While 1 in 3 women currently suffer from this issue, you’re now free to put urine leakage behind you.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy bladder, eliminating bladder irritants from you diet such as caffeine can help. You can also do kegel exercises regularly, drink plenty of water and eliminate straining.

While processes such as kegel exercises can help prevent bladder leakage, they won’t repair your incontinence.

Fortunately, there is hope when it comes to urine incontinence. A small bladder sling below the urethra is a very minor procedure that is performed in the operating room. It involves the placement of a small piece of mesh. Most forms of insurance cover the treatment.

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