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Skin Anti-Aging Tips

By May 1, 2021November 2nd, 2021No Comments3 min read
Our skin is our most salient feature. It is the first thing that people notice about us. So it is not surprising that most of us aspire to have appealing and healthy skin. A common fear some of us have is the effects of aging on our skin. People typically first notice the telltale signs of aging on our skin and hair. Naturally, we will aim for youthful skin. In addition to the aesthetic features of our skin, other significant functions include protecting our bodies and retaining moisture to prevent dehydration.
Skin aging is due to several factors; genetics, environmental, hormonal, and lastly, chronological. Although most of these factors may not be in our control, we do have the power to nourish our skin.
Women are not only prone to skin changes associated with aging. They also have to deal with skin changes that occur with the loss of estrogen. Menopause is a significant turning point in a women’s life, and the effects of the fall in estrogen on the skin are most often not discussed.
This natural decline in estrogen is one of the significant causes of aging skin. However, the lack of estrogen may also be due to other causes such as surgery, drugs, radiotherapy, or premature failure of the ovaries. Whatever the reason may be for lack of estrogen, we know that it is essential for maintaining skin health. Estrogen supports the firmness and elasticity of the skin by increasing collagen content and elastin fibers. Additionally, estrogen also retains moisture, maintaining skin hydration by increasing sebum production. Lastly, it keeps the skin thick, reinforcing the skin barrier and supporting wound healing.
A straightforward solution to this is using topical estrogen creams or gels. But, what else can we do for our skin?


Water is the basis of all lives. We thrive on it and cannot survive without it. It is also essential for our skin. Dull-looking, dry skin is the first sign of dehydration. Therefore, for supple and smooth skin, one must drink the recommended glasses of water.

Apply Sunscreen

Regularly applying sunscreen is the essence of a skincare routine. The single most harmful environmental exposure the skin faces are the UV radiation from sunlight. Excess exposure can cause skin burn, a decrease in the skin’s elasticity,
accelerate skin aging, and most threatening of all, cause skin cancer.

Moisturize Frequently

Sunlight is not the environmental exposure; airborne pollutants, dust, smoke, etc., all can strip our skin away from its moisture. These invisible yet harmful substances can cause premature aging and coarse wrinkles. With this in mind, it is all the more crucial to refresh our skin after a long day outside and adequately moisturize it.

Exfoliate a few times a week

Our skin renews itself every 28 days; this means cells produce a new skin layer that takes over our old one. So, to rid our skin of the previous dead layer, we should exfoliate.

Our gut and skin have an intrinsic connection

Whatever we eat is ultimately displayed on our skin. Therefore, following a healthy diet should be a priority. Vitamins also maintain the health of our skin and hair. And a particular deficiency in a vitamin can result in reversible skin and hair changes.
Our thoughts have a vital role in maintaining our general health.
Our pattern of thinking influences our decisions and actions. Fostering positivity will undeniably manifest itself on our skins. Aging is inevitable, the decline in estrogen too, but our inherent nature mostly remains the same. How see ourselves in a mirror’s reflection is the only vital factor to feeling beautiful and young.


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