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Let Your Beauty Shine Through

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We started using bio-identical hormone treatment (BHRT) for patients in Dayton, Ohio after trying the traditional approach to treating women with menopausal symptoms, which was clearly ineffective. Numerous factors affect how women feel after menopause, and hormone balancing using bio-identical hormones or hormone pellet treatment helps women feel as they did before menopause.

Personalized weight loss

“For years, I have told clients that diets do not work. The truth is, weight loss is not a cookie-cutter journey. It’s highly individualized, and what works for one might not work for another. The perfect weight loss solution is based on five key elements: Your gut health (this includes food allergy testing); Calorie intake (personalized diet plan based on your metabolism); Detoxification; Hormone Balancing; and Stress Reduction. I call it the “Fab Five Optimal Weight Loss” Plan. I cover each area and develop a personalized solution.” – Dr. Roz

Wellness and weight loss

Weight loss

The objective of Total Health and Wellness is complete wellness. We place a lot of emphasis on weight loss because it has a profound impact on one’s overall heath. To learn more about the top medical weight loss in Dayton, Ohio, get in touch with us.

Choose the right program for you


IV Vitamins Drip

High quantities of vitamins and minerals can be administered intravenously (IV), commonly known as intravenous micronutrient therapy and hydration therapy. This allows for more rapid absorption of the vitamins and minerals than if they were taken orally or as supplements. Click here for more information



Peptide therapy helps the body build lean body mass and new muscle cells, boosts strength and endurance, sharpens focus, and lowers body fat through lipolysis. Click here for more information


Lipo B

A unique combination of substances that are similar to B-vitamins called Lipo-B Injection helps to decrease extra body fat in specific parts of the body while also boosting energy and metabolic activity. Click here for more information


Dr rosalind

This advanced stool test provides clinical information for the management of GI health. It uses cutting-edge technologies and biomarkers to provide valuable insight into digestive function, intestinal inflammation, and shifts in the microbiome. When in doubt, we always treat the gut.  Click here for more information


An amphetamine-like prescription drug called ADIPEX is used to reduce hunger. By reducing your appetite or prolonging your feeling of fullness. Click here for more information

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