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The Elimination DietThe Elimination Diet

By June 7, 2019November 1st, 2021No Comments5 min read

The Elimination Diet That Works Every Time

Have you been struggling for years to shed pounds? Have you been on Weight Watchers since the ‘70s with no luck? Have you run miles on the treadmill, starved and denied yourself by restricting calories, and you’re still not much better off than when you started? What’s going wrong? What’s a woman yearning to be slim and attractive to do?

For one thing, you can be eating generous portions of foods that have a lower glycemic index. Lower glycemic foods reduce the amount of sugar your body has to process – sugar that interferes with your ability to lose weight.

But here’s the thing you need to know about sugar and the glycemic index. Sugar isn’t the only culprit responsible for raising the sugar levels in your body. Huh? Let me explain. Carbohydrates along with sugars are broken down in your body during the digestion process and raise your blood glucose level. In the process, these two food energy sources, when eaten in excess, can cause harmful spikes, inflammation, leaky gut, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses – all the while, setting up a condition that doesn’t allow your body to shed weight.

Refined sugar is the elephant in the room. So sweet and satisfying, but so dangerous – not to mention counterproductive to losing those pounds!  But there’s another villain that’s lurking.

What dieters need to understand is that some foods can make your blood sugar level shoot up very fast. That’s because certain carbohydrates (not all) like bread, pasta, starchy vegetables, in addition to refined sugar, make it easier for your body to convert to a type of sugar called glucose that your body uses for quick energy, but when eating those foods in excess, they convert to fat and gets stored in your body. Not only do foods high on the glycemic index convert quickly to sugar, they kick in cravings for more sugar. It’s a vicious cycle.

Learning What Good Foods Are

The trick to weight loss is learning what foods have a lower glycemic index and therefore reduce the level of blood sugars that are creating havoc with your health and your weight.

Eating more unprocessed foods overall greatly reduces your blood sugar levels. Unprocessed foods are whole foods … foods that are consumed in their whole, fresh state, and don’t contain added ingredients like artificial flavors and additives that food manufacturers use to make packaged foods look pretty and last longer on the shelf.

Whole foods don’t have to be eaten raw; they can be baked, broiled and sautéed in healthy oils. That, of course, goes for meats and poultry – which by the way, are lower in carbohydrates and lower on the glycemic index than you might think. Purchase foods in their whole, original state with nothing added and prepare them yourself. Hint: anything that comes in a box is processed food

Here are some substitutes and low sugar/low carb foods that will set you on the right track for weight loss and craving reduction:

  • Replace pasta (very high in starchy carbs) with zucchini, spaghetti squash, or even pastas made with rice, beans, and other low-carb ingredients.
  • Eliminate all sugary beverages – that includes diet soda and fruit juices. Drink filtered water and tea instead.
  • Use whole fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, raisins (unsweetened), shredded coconut to sweeten foods and for snacks instead of a bag of chips or cookies.

The Elimination Diet

Not everyone reacts the same way to certain foods. Some foods have adverse effects that can sabotage your health and your weight loss. That’s where the Elimination Diet comes in. The elimination diet helps you identify foods that some people can’t consume without adverse effects like food allergies and intolerances, as well as weight gain. But let’s not get into allergies right now. Let’s focus on weight loss. The Elimination Diet is a great way to lose those stubborn pounds.

First, focus on feeling amazing versus the weight you see on a scale. It’s all about the feeling.  But the reality is you will feel amazing and lose weight when you limit foods with a higher glycemic index.  Just try The Elimination Diet for six weeks. By eliminating foods that are highly glycemic and the most inflammatory, you will start to feel wonderful and lose weight.

Try eliminating refined sugars, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and peanuts for six weeks. These are some of the more common foods that interfere with healthy dieting.  So what’s left to eat, you ask?  Lots! Organic meats, fish, fresh vegetables, and some fruits (fresh, not squeezed), and nuts and seeds (in moderation). Just remember not to overdo it on calories. Calories can still interfere with weight loss, no matter how much healthy, low-glycemic foods you eat. I guarantee, if you’re not feeling amazing after the elimination diet, you cheated!

Are you beginning to connect the dots and see that losing weight isn’t difficult? Don’t cheat yourself out of being the best you can be and feel.

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Dr. Roz JacksonDr. Roz Jackson promotes personalized medicine for women. She is the founder of Total Health & Wellness Center for Personalized Medicine, OBGYN LLC. She has been practicing in the area of women’s healthcare for over 20 years. She is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and member of The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, A Fellow of the American Academy of Anti Aging and Regenerative Medicine and member of the Metabolic Medical Institute.

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