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Protect your Heart

By February 18, 2018November 1st, 2021No Comments2 min read

Sounds fishy, but you’ve got to do this.

Because heart disease is the #1 cause of death for women, so wouldn’t you want to know how to protect your heart?  By now most of you know the cause of heart disease, just for review… the top 5 health problems that contribute to heart disease for women includes: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Smoking and a Sedentary Life Style.

What all five have in common is they weakened blood vessels, which leads to heart diseases. After all, blood vessels are a part of the cardiovascular system.

The #1 supplement to protect your heart comes from Fish.  Fatty fishy preferably.

The Ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates said: “Let Food be your medicine and let your Medicine be your Food”.

The link of fatty fish and prevention of heart disease comes from studying Eskimo’s.  Eskimos’ have low death rates from heart disease due to their large consumption of fatty fish.  Taken in adequate amounts by consuming 8oz of fish per week or with long modest consumption of Omega 3 Fatty Acid (EPA and DHA) 1000 – 2000 mg reduced heart disease by 25%.

For those who have problems with burping up a fishy taste with Omega 3 Fatty acid, you can avoid this annoying little problem by freezing your capsules!  That’s right, put them in the freezer and take it frozen.

My favorite brand for Omega 3 Fatty Acid comes from Metagenics.

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