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Healing Your Inner Spirit

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Let’s talk about sex

What’s in it for you?
A great sex life is not just about pleasing your partner, it’s also about getting your own needs met. You don’t have to just be a willing participant when it comes to sex. If you’re craving intimacy, answer this question. Why are you holding back? The benefits of ensuring that you enjoy a great sex life are both give and take. You can begin by taking on a superwoman identity during the process of intimacy by going to a place you have never been to before. This inner place gives you the freedom to be a sexier and stronger you. Because your partner doesn’t always know what your body craves in the bedroom, you want to find your own voice. Whether you express your needs through verbal communication or subliminally, your imagination can take you to a whole new level of sensuality.

Set the by mood by utilizing your five senses. With the help of scented candles, soft music and essential oils, you can create a soothing and relaxing environment.

3 steps to improve your libido with the Sex Formula

S – Stress
Don’t allow stress to take over the bedroom. With children, work and extracurricular activities, stress can be a major part of a person’s everyday life. However, you can alleviate stress by taking some much needed time out for yourself. This can also give your mind a whole new perspective on life. In addition to combating stress, you’ll find yourself envisioning the sexy woman that you’ve always wanted to be.

E- Emotions
Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your own happiness. Be happy with the person that you’ve become. If you don’t like certain qualities, you can do things to fix them. Women often get caught up in their physical attributes and critique their tiniest imperfections. However, this can send a negative message to the brain. It can also allow feelings of unattractiveness to seep in. Since women are driven by their emotions, a loving mate and relationship can help you get in the groove.

X – The X Factor!
In addition to your body craving it, both men and women find this secret sauce to be the recipe for a better sex life. Testosterone! Testosterone pellets can aid in increasing your libido. Added benefits to testosterone therapy include; energy boost, increased metabolism, better muscle tone, better night sleep, eliminating night sweats and hot flashes with an overall improved vitality and wellbeing. Schedule your hormone consultation today and get pellets inserted tomorrow.

Buzz Kill for a Healthy Sex Life

Whether you’re worried about getting pregnant or you hate the inconvenience of unexpected bleeding, you can now stop your period without having to get a hysterectomy. Imagine no more periods getting in the way of your sex life. An endometrial ablation can be completed in the office in just 90 seconds!

The 10 minute tubal is another procedure that can help spice up your sex life, especially when you are looking to avoid becoming pregnant. Performed in the convenience of the office, you won’t have to worry again about your period being late. Permanent sterilization using the Essure System.

Vaginal “Rejuvenation” and cosmetic Vaginal Procedures

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology warns women that procedures such as vaginoplasty and revirgination are not safe or effective. Due to the lack of data and supporting efficacy, potential complications can occur such as infection, scarring, adhesions and altered sensation.

Natural products to improve your libido

DHEA, previously called the antiaging hormone can be found in your healthfood store is pill form. Spray form available in the office. This is a hot item in the office, call to make sure we have one available for you. DHEA helps with the production of Testosterone.

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