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10 Secrets to Surviving College

By August 19, 2015November 1st, 2021No Comments4 min read
Going off to college is a milestone in your life, it can be scary and exciting at the same time. For a lot of women, it’s the first time they have ever been away from home and the feeling of new found independence can be overwhelming. This may be the first time you’ve ever been away from home or ever been alone, but don’t let the excitement disguise the fact that you are now an adult and responsible for yourself.

Ready or not, you are now a woman with her own mind and her own feelings, so don’t let the fear turn you into someone who follows the pack. Blaze your own trail and take this opportunity to grow into the wonderful woman you are becoming.

The media may portray college as either a full time joy ride or the hardest chapter in your life, but don’t worry. This is a time of growth and endless possibilities, so take this time to come out of that cocoon and develop into a butterfly who will set the world on fire. Be fearless. Be brave and remember that you are beautiful.

Here are 10 tips on how to make this transition more comfortable, easier and stress free while enjoying your new freedom. These are the tips that I have shared with my own daughters, and although they aren’t leaving the nest quite yet, I thought I would share with all the daughters who may need some encouragement in this time of great change.

10 Secrets to Surviving College

  1. Eat good clean food, don’t get trapped in endless pasta and pop in the cafeteria. It’s easy to grab something quick and easy, but remember: you are what you eat. Be proud of your body and your health, and give yourself the gift of good nutrition.
  2. Sleep is more important now than ever before to keep you level headed and your mind sharp. Keep to your schedule and don’t get caught up in the spontaneous partying. Avoid the toga parties if you must, but if you do decide to pledge a sorority, remember that you don’t have to follow the herd. Choose your education over a temporary good time.
  3. Exercise. Get it in. Do not stop, and make it fun. Join or create a group that walks daily, or join the gym. You’ll meet like-minded individuals who have the same goals. Fitness is important.
  4. Don’t hold anything in, express yourself freely. You will regret it if you don’t, or even get sick. This is a major cause of stress. And stress is the root of all evil. Be your own beautiful self.
  5. Be true to yourself. Your opinion matters because you matter. Don’t limit yourself from trying new things, but choose things that represent the real you. Don’t change to please others.
  6. No means No. Period! In every situation.
  7. This is not high school, nobody cares about your shoes or your purse. You don’t have to dress like the cool kids or have the latest and greatest of technology. Adults don’t care what brand of shoes you wear.
  8. Choose your friends wisely. A lot of the people you meet in college will be lifelong friends and the network you create in college will be an important part of the rest of your life. Find your tribe and support other women. Real women never tear each other down, but encourage and lift up their sisters.
  9. Players gonna play; if he’s on the Football team headed for the NFL he may not be the best marriage material. Guys like to party, and they like girls who party, but those parties end when the real world begins. Find your soulmate, not a “Good Time Charlie.”
  10. Just do YOU and be your own woman. Find your voice and use it. Don’t worry about the others on campus, worry about yourself and what you want to represent to the world. Choose a life you can be proud of.


Being independent for the first time can be scary, but remember that you are YOU, and don’t change to please others. You will find your way, but always remember that you are loved and can always call home for support and encouragement. I encourage all mothers to share this message with their daughters who are embarking on this new chapter in their lives.

To all the young ladies reading this, congratulations! Your life awaits.


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