Laser Hair Removal in Miamisburg

Laser Hair Removal in Dayton, Ohio

Laser Hair Removal

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Procedure At A Glance

Best Results

6 treatments

Duration of Results

1-2 years

Treatment Recovery

1 week

Risks & Complications




Procedure Time

Up to 45 Mins

Medically Qualified

Certified Nurse Practitioner

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Pricing (per treatment) six treatments are recommended



BBL Laser Hair Removal - Back - Lower


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Bikini - Total


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Brazilian


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Cheeks


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Chin


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Forearms (each)


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Legs (below knee - each)


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Underarms (each)


BBL Laser Hair Removal - Upper Lip


Laser Hair Removal in Miamisburg

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

We’re proud to help women just like you say goodbye to waxing, tweezing, and plucking.

Laser Hair Removal uses the most innovative technology to safely and effectively reduce unwanted facial and body hair. The laser destroys hair follicles revealing smooth hair-free skin. Our laser hair removal is for all skin types.

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Laser Hair Removal Overview

What Laser Hair Removal Treats

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal treats.

Our laser hair removal treatment is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that addresses unwanted hair in targeted areas. Common areas include:

  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Legs
  • Bikini area

What is TRITON?

The world’s first multi-wavelength workstation, the Triton is the only hair removal option that combines the three most popular wavelengths in one platform, using Fusion Technology, to address up to skin type VI.

Key Benefits

The mosaic combination of wavelengths addresses hair removal at different stages of the hair growth cycle. This means that deep hairs can be treated at the same time as newly emerging follicles. Thus, patients can see greater results in fewer sessions. In the past, lasers had to reduce peak power or increase pulse width to reduce the risk for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) in darker skin. Now with the Triton, higher power and a blend of wavelengths allow hair removal without compromising treatment parameters. A broader range of patient concerns can be covered with this innovative, safe, and effective platform.

How it works

Our laser hair removal treatments in Dayton prioritize your comfort. 


Each treatment is a quick process that requires no downtime. Most treated areas need 3 to 5 treatments with 5- to 8-week breaks between each visit. 


Your Laser Hair Removal treatment is tailored to you.

At Total Health and Wellness, you’ll find a safe and effective laser hair removal treatment at our women’s health clinic in Dayton, Ohio.

Say goodbye to irritated skin caused by shaving and waxing. After receiving a laser hair removal treatment, you will feel more confident and radiant.

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hair removal
hair removal
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