Endometrial Ablation in Dayton, Ohio

Endometrial Ablation

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Best Results

1 treatment

Duration of Results

1-2 years

Treatment Recovery

1 week

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Procedure Time

20 Mins

Medically Qualified

Gynecologist (MD)

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1 week

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Endometrial Ablation Treatment

Learn more about how endometrial ablation can help you.

We are dedicated to helping you during multiple stages of life to feel like your best self. We, as women, know that menstrual cycles will be in our lives for a while and are experienced differently from one woman to the next. For many women, menstrual cycles are very heavy and uncomfortable, but with the help of endometrial ablation, a heavy menstrual cycle will be a thing of the past.

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Endometrial Ablation Overview

What Endometrial Ablation Treats

Learn more about endometrial ablation and what it treats.

Heavy menstrual bleeding may cause tiredness and nausea, moodiness, and missing work. Endometrial ablation in Dayton, Ohio from Rosalind Jackson, MD directly treats heavy menstrual bleeding and can drastically reduce these everyday issues.

How it works

Here’s a look at how endometrial ablation works.

Endometrial ablation is a onetime, minimally invasive procedure that will either lighten or end your heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycle.

There is no downtime, no premedication to take, and results are almost immediate.


Learn more about the benefits of undergoing an Endometrial Ablation.

The benefits of getting an endometrial ablation include bleeding being reduced within a year, no pretreatment medicine, no hormonal side effects, and no cuts necessary during the procedure.

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