Saliva Test Kit

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Saliva Test Kit

Saliva Hormone Test Kit: Your journey to a healthy hormone balance starts here

Do you have a hormonal imbalance?

Since both the vagina and clitoris have testosterone receptors, testosterone production plays a massive role in the sexual health, function, and satisfaction of women. Testosterone also stimulates the skin to produce more oil, so our skin stays young and wrinkle-free, and our hair thick and silky smooth. Saliva testing is a non-invasive collection method where you collect your saliva in a plastic tube to measure hormones from the privacy of your own home or office.

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How do hormones work and why are they important?

Hormones work sort of like locks and keys. Hormones have a unique shape that can only bind to special receptors to activate. Since both the vagina and clitoris have testosterone receptors, testosterone production plays a massive role in the sexual health, function, and satisfaction of women. I call hormones tiny little sparkles!

Hormones require a delicate balance, or our entire world can turn upside down. We’ll start feeling anxious, irritable, angry, sad, and depressed. Unfortunately, women can experience a decrease in hormone levels starting as early as in our 30s.

Testosterone pellets can help

The beauty of bio-identical hormones is that its chemical mirrors the shape and function of the hormones we naturally produce. Your body can’t tell the difference! Pellet Therapy or customized hormone creams allows us to rebalance our hormone levels and relieve various symptoms. At Total Health and Wellness, our natural hormone replacement therapy helps women deal with the following issues:

Mood swings
Migraines and menstrual headaches
Anxiety and depression
Memory and concentration
Vaginal dryness
Urinary urgency and frequency
Weight gain

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular diseases, and other health complications
Low libido
Hot flashes
Night sweats

Improve sexual well-being
Increase sexual performance
Improve sexual desire
Amplify pleasure and arousal
Encourage more intense and frequent orgasms
Increases muscle strength and bone density

How are the pellets implanted?

We implant the pellets directly under the skin (typically by the buttocks), and they gradually release testosterone. Most ladies notice results in as little as one to two weeks after implantation. It takes around 3-4 months for the pellets to dissolve completely, and I check on your progress throughout your journey.

Like virtually all medical procedures, testosterone therapy can have mild side effects. However, the possibility of developing side effects is incredibly low if you’re working with a qualified physician. The key is to administer the optimal dosage for you. Often, we can prevent side effects from occurring if we keep your hormones within a normal range.

Is testosterone therapy or a customized hormone cream right for me?

Far too often, women have been noticing unwanted changes that make them feel like they aren’t themselves anymore. Clients say they feel stuck in a body they don’t even recognize. If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, then it’s time for us to have a chat. The only way to know if testosterone pellet therapy or a customized hormone therapy is the right choice for you is to schedule a consultation with a practitioner you can trust.

We can discuss your symptoms and look at your current hormone levels with a saliva test. Realistically, for most women, medication is just one critical part of achieving the pinnacle of health and wellness. I’ll design a holistic program that addresses your Total Wellness and may include a nutrition plan, restore Gut health and spiritual health. A personal plan that fully incorporates your needs, short, and long-term goals.

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How do I get started?

Starting with us is easy! Total Health and Wellness is one of the very first TeleHealth offices catered to women, just like you, looking for relief and restoration through hormone therapy. You can call us from the comfort of your own home to start the process of living a healthier, happier life.