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About Our Telehealth Appointments

There is no such thing as a day off when you’re a woman.

Can you remember the last time you’ve done something special for yourself? This simple idea inspired Dr. Roz to integrate a Telehealth service, “WomenlyHealth,” specifically designed for busy women like you who want to take care of themselves but may not feel they have the time.


We gear our services toward menopausal women’s healthcare.

We believe every woman wants to have her concerns validated, which is why we make it easy by coming to you via a TeleHealth visit. 

No matter if you need a break from the office, are busy with home life, or just want to stay in the comfort of your own home—we get it, we listen, and will be there for you no matter where you are.

Benefits of Telehealth

We Value Your time, privacy, and health

An online women’s health appointment may be for you if you have already tried to manage your menopause on your own, have seen no results, and you can’t find a healthcare provider in your area who doesn’t want to offer more than antidepressants to treat your symptoms.

We understand how you feel and we’ve found the solution with a personalized approach that integrates balanced hormones, good nutrition, and optimal gut health. You are well on your way to feeling amazing… and we do this from the comfort of your home!

We are dedicated to understanding what you’re going through. You can rest assured that we will listen and help you connect the dots to managing your menopause.

We take menopause seriously

How it works

  • 01.

    We encourage you to have your hormone levels measured with ZRT Saliva testing.

  • 02.

    This test will be shipped to your home from ZRT. After collecting, your specimen is returned to ZRT in the enclosed packaging.

  • 03.

    You will receive a report of your hormone levels in less than two weeks.

  • 04.

    This is where the work begins to getting you feeling your best. We develop your custom Bioidentical Hormone Therapy plan during your Telehealth visit, where we will uncover where you are with your hormone levels, where you need to be, and how we—together—will get there.

Menopause Treatment in Miamisburg

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