Women’s health goes beyond childbearing. Dr. Roz and her staff use the latest, most effective anti-aging treatments to deliver results to her patients. We believe that age is just a number and that feeling energized and youthful can be a permanent state. Whether you want to understand and address the root cause of your symptoms or elevate your overall physical, mental, sexual, and cosmetic wellness, we are here for you. We take a deep dive into your health and help you connect the dots to wellness with our Dayton, functional wellness.

woman after functional medicine at THW

At a Glance

  • Suitable for: Overall wellness
  • Best Results: Ongoing visits
  • Duration of Results: Varies
  • Treatment Recovery: None
  • Risks & Complications: None
  • Anesthetic: None
  • Procedure Time: 45 minutes
  • Back to Work: Same day

How it Works

The team at Dr. Roz MD listens and takes a detailed history of your life journey. It starts with a questionnaire and ends with a plan for your anti-aging wellness. We can help you figure out what’s leaving you feeling or looking tired and older. Whether it’s a leaky gut, thyroid optimization, balancing hormone levels, addressing rapidly aging skin, low libido, or certain autoimmune disorders, we customize a plan to help you turn back the clock.

patient of functional medicine at THW

Core Principles

Functional medicine in Dayton, Ohio takes a patient-centered (rather than disease-centered) approach to medicine and healthcare. It’s based on the patient’s unique preferences, needs, and concerns and includes them in all healthcare considerations. Patients who actively participate in the therapeutic process and planning are more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle and make the sustainable changes necessary for a lifetime of optimal health. Below, we highlight the core principles of functional medicine.

Patient-Centered Approach

We take a patient-centered rather than a disease-centered approach to wellness. This means our treatment plans are designed according to your unique concerns, body, and requirements, so they can work with rather than against your anatomy and physiology.

Biochemical Uniqueness

Every individual is unique, and everyone should have a unique treatment plan. The idea that everyone is unique isn’t a mere catch-phrase; it’s supported by biology and science. Every individual has distinctive biochemical markers based on genetic and environmental conditions.

Holistic Wellness

Conventional medicine focuses on the physical symptoms, often excluding emotional and spiritual concerns. However, the mind, body, and spirit are intrinsically connected, and the best way to improve your wellness is to focus on all aspects of your health.

Interconnected Factors

Seemingly diverse and different physical symptoms in different parts of your body can have the same or interconnected roots. Instead of assessing your physical symptoms in isolation, we understand the interconnected physiological factors responsible for your health and wellness.

Improving Wellness

Conventional medicine focuses on health as the absence of disease. But functional medicine goes a step further — it focuses on positive vitality and optimizing your wellness. This helps you think, function, and live optimally.

Dr. Roz

Dr. Roz MD is a state-of-the-art gynecology and anti-aging medspa specializing in holistic and functional medicine in Dayton, Ohio. Dr. Roz and her team always discuss your unique concerns and goals, understand your body and its requirements, and curate personalized plans to chart a path towards optimal wellness. The goal isn’t merely to treat diseases but rather to help you lead an optimally healthy lifestyle, physically, emotionally, and sexually. Our unique approach provides unique results.

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