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Simple Steps to Improve Your Heart Health

By February 19, 2021November 1st, 2021No Comments3 min read

So many women ignore the fact that the number Uno cause of death for women is heart disease. The signs of a heart attack are commonly ignored.

Give your heart a little TLC with the basic fundamentals to optimize your heart health.   Your daily heart tonic includes a healthy diet, regular exercise, avoid toxic chemicals like smoking, stress management, and adequate sleep.  Heart Wellness begins with you in mind.  And nobody knows you better than you.  But don’t ignore these signs of a heart attack like extreme upper back pain, pressure sensation in the chest, sudden nausea, and or vomiting, ongoing indigestion, shortness of breath without exertion, persistent extreme fatigue, dizziness, light-headedness, depression, and a sudden sense of gloom, but you may not know what’s going on behind the scenes in your cells. Your cellular biology holds the truth to your heart’s health. Understanding the Biology of heart disease involves understanding the factors affecting the most important muscle in your body, your heart.

The keyword is menopause


Heart disease is the most common cause of death for women beyond menopause age. The connection between the two is the key to begin to understand how things work.  When a woman becomes menopausal her hormone production plummets drastically and things begin to change.  The change of life starts at the cellular level.  There may not be a sign that something is brewing.  But isn’t it interesting that your chance of having a heart attack is equal to that of a man after menopause?

Many women make the mistake and take aging for granted, do you? Do you share this mistaken belief that it’s downhill after a certain age?  It might be if you’ve gotten all that you want out of live.

Things are changing that you can’t see.  You can’t see your cells breaking down; endothelial damage is destructive for blood vessels. Endothelial cells line blood vessels. So don’t get comfortable just because you can’t see what’s happening.  As a woman ages, the decline in hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone affect several mechanisms that affect blood vessels and play a part in lipids.

Naturally, estrogen helps to reduce the accumulation of lipids (cholesterol) in arterial walls that leads to plaques which are responsible for blockage of arteries in the heart; enhances arterial function, helps to reduce oxidative stress a cause of inflammation, helps to lower blood pressure and supports the stress response from physical and emotional stress to mention a few.

The future is unpredictable but each day presents a new opportunity to live life to the fullest no matter what comes your way.

Improve your lipid profile


Improve your heart health by improving your lipid profile with a heart-healthy diet by lowering the consumption of simple carbohydrates like cookies, cupcakes, and candy the three horrible C’s, and decrease intake of sugars and salt, bottom line eat smarter.  Get moving, regular exercise doesn’t have to mean your spending an hour at the gym, you could keep it simple, and I use my rebounder, hand weights, jump rope, and treadmill at home.  I also take the stairs at work whenever possible.   Smoking is destructive to the lining of blood vessels.  Stay balanced, stress raises your blood pressure and puts a strain on your heart find your happy place and put everything else to the side until you feel balanced.

The optimal management of heart disease involves giving yourself more TLC.  Can you see how having a healthy heart can fit into your life?

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