Endometrial Abliation

Heavy bleeding caused by menstruation can affect 1 in 3 women. While this situation is not a normal occurrence, a heavy period doesn’t have to get in the way of you enjoying life. There is a better path where you can eliminate or even lighten your period without having to undergo surgery. Most women experience the menstrual process monthly. It’s an indicator that the body isn’t pregnant and a way for your internal body to slough. When a menstrual period is irregular or heavy, this could indicate other underlying issues such as hormonal changes, polyps or uterine fibroids. While medical attention is needed to evaluate your condition, it doesn’t always require a hysterectomy.

As a knowledgeable and experienced gynecologist, I know firsthand the issues an irregular menstrual cycle can cause for an individual. From embarrassing situations caused by the heavy flow to having to take time off of work, an in-office evaluation can determine if you’re a prime candidate for the procedure.

Candidates for Endometrial ablation have the following symptoms:

  • My period affects my quality of life.
  • I am bothered by the amount of bleeding or the pain that I have during my period.
  • My period makes me feel depressed, tired or moody.
  • I am afraid of having an embarrassing accident.
  • I bleed more often than once a month.
  • My period lasts too long.
  • My period affects my social, athletic, or sexual activities or causes me to miss work.
  • My life would improve if I could decrease or completely eliminate my period.
  • I would like to learn about a simple procedure that can help me get back to my life.

About the procedure:

Endometrial ablation is a procedure that has been approved by the FDA for in office use. Because it takes approximately two to five minutes, you don’t have to worry about any down time. Women are typically back to their normal daily activities without any unwanted heavy menstrual bleeding immediately. Imagine no more menstrual bleeding, pads or ruining your clothes because of a heavy flow.

Using a small amount of medication to numb the uterine tissue that is being ablated, the procedure can be easily completed in the office. However, endometrial ablations are not for everyone. Prime candidates are those who have decided to not have more children. You may be also primed for the procedure if the bleeding is not caused by a precancerous condition. Endometrial ablations are not considered a form of sterilization.

Schedule your appointment today and see if you’re a prime candidate for endometrial ablation.