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Leaky Bladder

Leaky Bladder and Urine Leakage

Take into account your quality of life. Is your leaky bladder preventing you from participating in activities with your family or friends? Are you always in search of the nearest restroom whenever you’re out in public? Do you have to carry extra clothing with you? Do you leak urine during sexual intercourse? If you answered yes to any of those questions

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Can you be too old to take birth control pills?

At what age should a woman stop taking birth control?  This million dollar question is for the woman who dares to stop taking birth control even if she is near menopause or menopausal.   Fear of unintended pregnancies and menopausal symptoms keep women on oral contraception.  Some women believe taking birth control pills will ease them into menopause, there are no studies to prove that philosophy.

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Curcumin the miracle root, is this a bunch of hype?
NO! It’s true, Curcumin is considered on of the most powerful botanical medicines in the world. Curcumin is a member of the antioxidant- rich family of ginger. This rich spice can cure a wide variety of diseases. These include heart disease, pain associated with arthritis and diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. It also soothes depression and disorders associated with a variety of digestive disorders and inflammatory bowel disease.

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Green Protein Smoothie Recipe

Say goodbye to all the things that have held you down and set yourself free. Free to explore, free to be whom you want to be.  You need energy to do this. This will not come from a candy bar in the middle of the day when you feel like you need a pick-me-up. My go to is a protein shake.

Most patients are surprised when they find out that greens and seeds are a great source of protein as most automatically think of meat or peanut butter, but you can add spinach or kale and get that protein needed.

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New Mammography Guidelines

Dr. Roz talks about Mammography Guidelines on Living Dayton

There is some confusing information about when to get a mammogram and how often it should be repeated.

Dr. Roz talks on Living Dayton and answers some important questions.

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It’s not too late to take a proactive approach to healthy bones. Your bones are a living tissue that has specific requirements in order for them to work properly.

While most people fail to give them the attention that they deserve, simple accidents such as falling can render you helpless and place limits on your mobility. It can also make you more dependent on others. In order to enjoy the privilege of staying active, you need to pay attention to good bone health.

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The POWER of the Pellet

Have you heard from others that “It is what it is” when going through menopause? Have you been told that you just have to “suffer through it” when you feel like you are in a crisis? I’ve had many people ask about pellet therapy, so I did a video to explain. Pellet therapy can help you get rid of hot flashes, brain fog, boost your drive and energy, and alleviate other symptoms when going through menopause. Request an appointment today to get your levels checked and start feeling better! You don’t have to suffer – this is not your mother’s menopause.
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