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Dr. Roz believes that every woman is beautiful and unique. All women should celebrate what makes them special. But sometimes, we just don’t feel that way. Let Dr. Roz help you to rejuvenate your health, your love life, and revitalize your beauty. Learn more about her wide range of services built to help you...

Vaginal Rejuvenation with

ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvination


Freeze & kill fat cells permanently!  The CoolSculpting procedure is the world's #1 non-invasive treatment that is used to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise.

No Anesthesia. No Incisions. No Down time.

Dr. Rosalind Jackson, MD

Dr. Rosalind Jackson, MD

Dr. Rosalind Jackson “Dr Roz” is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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Carrie Dunn, CNP

Carrie Dunn, CNP

Carrie Dunne, CNP, is a graduate of Ball State University. Carrie brings a wealth of experience in women’s healthcare to our practice.

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Do you know what hormones are and what their role is in your body? 

I’m starting a 5-part series called “Hormones 1.0” that you don’t want to miss.


  • “Although, I have only had one treatment of the Thermiva. I have already experience significant improvements! The reason for me wanting to get this procedure was for two reasons, I have always had extreme vaginal dryness and frequent bathroom runs after my pregnancies. I can definitely feel a tightness now and have an increase in lubrication. I cannot wait for the next two treatment to see what the outcome is. I would highly recommend the Thermiva as it has already given me my confidence back and not to mention my husband loves it!”

    Maria Reyes

  • “Dr. Roz saved my life and I cannot thank her enough! It is so hard dealing with doctors that do not listen to their patients, always thinking they know everything before you even tell them your story, or flat out do not care! That is the kind of doctor I had, and it almost led me to cancer. Then I met Dr. Roz and everything changed. Finally I have a doctor that listens to me, cares about me as a person and takes my treatment very seriously. I do not know what I would do without her!”

    Chelsae Ray

  • “I needed surgery and was honestly afraid to give another gynecologist a chance and I am so glad that I did. Dr. Roz not only fixed me physically, but has helped reset how I see myself as a woman and is responsible for a great amount of personal growth this past year. I have sent my mother and my daughter to her as well as countless friends and colleges. The relaxing atmosphere in her office alone is enough to calm me when I am out of balance and she is the first doctor who I feel really listened to me. If you want top notch compassion and personalized health care that goes above and beyond, go see Dr. Roz. I absolutely cannot recommend her enough!”

    L. Marie Good

  • “Dr. Jackson is an expert in hormones and I cannot recommend her enough. She helped me through menopause, which is a very stressful time that all women go through. Her commitment to women’s health and professionalism cannot be praised enough. Go see Dr. Jackson, she can help.”

    Wilda Byrd

  • “Well it all started in 2009, I needed a hysterectomy that Dr. Jackson performed November 2009…we bonded instantly and she has helped me grow spiritually & emotionally. I can always count on her insight as a doctor and as a woman that understands my emotional well being. May of this year I was having major personal issues and the first person I thought of was Dr Jackson; her insight, support and professionalism helped me 100%. I couldn’t have made it through the storm without her, period. I recommend Dr. Roz Jackson to any woman, any age. Her knowledge she has with hormones and women’s health is amazing.”

    Martha Miller

    Protect your Heart

    Protect your Heart

    Sounds fishy, but you’ve got to do this.  

    Because heart disease is the #1 cause of death for women, so wouldn’t you want to know how to protect your heart?  By now most of you know the cause of heart disease, just for review… the top 5 health problems that contribute to heart disease for women includes: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Smoking and a Sedentary Life Style.


    What all five have in common is they weakened blood vessels, which leads to heart diseases.  After all, blood vessels are a part of the cardiovascular system.


    How to Overcome Your Body’s Resistance to Getting Rid of Belly Fat

    How to Overcome Your Body’s Resistance to Getting Rid of Belly Fat

    Is that stubborn bulge of fat around your belly making you feel miserable? Is there a muffin top forming when you put on your favorite pair of pants? Do you need to go buy new slacks in the mature woman section because your old ones are too tight?


    I’m Nervous and Excited

    I’m Nervous and Excited

    Guess who’s one of this year’s presenters? Me. I’m so excited, nervous and still trying to figure out what not to wear. So, I’ve been a little busy so forgive me for not posting on social media.




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